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Permutations and Combinations 1
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Amit Kumar Jha is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Amit Kumar Jha
I am K-12 online math teacher. I have also been teaching Quant for GMAT,GRE, SAT n ACT for last 17 years with good results and feedback .

Unacademy user
@Jatin Verma Sir kya ye lectures continue rahe ge till 2020 exam ??
Jatin Verma
a month ago
Hi Kanam!! It is a recurring course and shall continue until the PT next year.
Kanam Aggarwal
a month ago
thanks a lot Sir... your course help me lot....after reading all newspaper I used to see your video that help me to cover my loop holes and your extra knowledge mind blowing sir.... Sir want to talk with you for futher queries..
  1. ABOUT ME About me My Name is Amit kumar Jha. After doing my B.Tech , I worked with Aditya Birla Group at various locations Since 2001, I am taking Quant classes for GMAT,GRE,SAT,ACT from various platforms as well as as a freelancer.

  2. Permutation and combination Practice Questions

  3. Question 1 From a total of 5 boys and 4 girls, how many 4person committees can be selected if the commitee must have exactly 2 boys and 2 girls?

  4. Answer We have 5 boys and 4 girls and need to select 2 boys and 2 girls to form a committee. Girls Boys A, B, C,D,E F,G,H, 5-2 select 2 boys 402 select 2 girls -10x6

  5. Ouestion2 ofihas employes there ar ftemale employeesand male empoye hw man wascana3peson omnter reatedf the commitee mustincludethe male employee

  6. ANSWER There are seatsonthe comit seats to dealwth W o tht sat must br ild y th mal mplyeT ith2 Wehave 5 iemale emplyend2 ols terhethisis combination problem 5C2

  7. QUESTION3 91-901+89 891 90 89+89 90 +1 912-1

  8. ANSWER 9-90+8918(68) 89 89! (91 *90-90-1)*(89!)-01.00-90-1 89! =(91-1)*90+1=90 *90)+1=90H

  9. QUESTION4 Kmis taking a math class and the teacher gives a multiple chovice test consisting of 8 questions.feach question has 5 answer choices,and Kim answers every question,in how many diferent ways can she complete the test? 4>

  10. ANSWER Kimis required to answer 8 questions,and each questionhas 5 answers choices to select fom his means that there are 5 possible answer outcomes for each question Question 1:5 answer choices Question 2:5 answer choices Question 3:5 answe choices Question4 5 answer choies

  11. ANSWER The question tells us we have 4 pairs of black socks, 3 pairs of grey socks, and Note that the maximum number of socks we can remove without having a matching pairis 3 Once we select our 4th sock, we are guaranteed to have a matching pair.So our answer is A