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Periodicity: Course Overview (in Hindi)
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This is the overview of the course.

Megha Khandelwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Megha Khandelwal
Chemistry Educator, CSIR-UGC NET- AIR 25, YouTube Channel- Chemistry Enthusiasts, Passion for Teaching & Mentoring

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Thank You so much Veere :D :) Best of luck for your Personality Test :)
Hungry Lion
2 years ago
result aagya bhai
Daman Singh
2 years ago
puch rhe ho ya bata rhe ho?
Hungry Lion
2 years ago
nhi aya mtlb..
aju bss january vich bai
Shikha Gupta
2 years ago
sir got selected??
abviously got selected
Shikha Gupta
2 years ago
oh k thnx
mam I am starting inorganic this week pls tell me how to complete for jee. Jan attemt
mam I am starting inorganic this week pls tell me how to complete for jee. Jan attemt
thanks a lot mam great help
Can we get pdf notes of your lectur es
maza aa Gaya mam apki aver view hamesa ki tarah achhi hai
  1. PERIODICITY COURSE OVERVIEW Presented by Megha Khandelwal

  2. About me: Chemistry Hons., DU M.Sc in Organic Chemistry Cleared CSIR-UGC NET (AIR 25) Verified Educator@ Unacademy Interests : Work-outs, Cycling, Travelling & Dance. - Enroll for updates - Follow me on Unacademy

  3. Target Audience - JEE Mains/Advanced NEET IIT-JAM - CSIR-UGC NET in Chemical Science - GATE- CY IISc- Ph.D UPSC- GEOL UPSC- Chemistry (Optional)

  4. Objective To understand the periodic trend and the physical properties Tips & Tricks to memorize the trends and will sum up all the irregularities Understand more with Examples & practice questions. say BYE to your confusions

  5. Lessons in this course Classification of Elements and some important facts. - Trick for Electronic Configuration - Diagonal Relationship - Shielding Effect and Effective Nuclear Charge - Scandide Contraction & Lanthanide Contraction - Atomic radius and lonic radius lonisation Energy/lonisation Potential Enthalpy of lonisation . Electron Gain Enthalpy / Electron Affinity " Electronegativity - Valency and Oxidation State - Acidic and Basic Strength

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  7. LIST OF COURSES - Hydrogen and its Compounds -Group-IA Elements : Alkali Metals Periodicity -2 Courses Chemical Bonding- 2 courses Acids & Bases Redox Reactions Metallurgy Coordination Chemistry: Structure and Isomerism & VBT Group-2A Elements: Alkaline Earth Metals Group-13 Elements: Boron Family -Group-14 Elements: Carbon Family Group-15 Elements: Nitrogen family Group-16 Elements: Oxygen family Group-17 Elements: Halogens Group-18 Elements: Noble Gases The D & F Block Elements Important Questions on p-Block Elements JEE: Previous year Questions on complete Inorganic Chemistry -Crystal Field Theory (CFT) Stereochemistry Projections/Representations - Stereochemistry: Interconversion of Projections Stereochemistry: D/L Notation and R/S nomenclature. Stereochemistry Nomenclature in Stereoisomers Important Questions on Chemical Bonding and General Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday Life - -

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