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Periodic Table (in Hindi)
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This lesson talks about the topics that are covered in the course.

Vishal Vivek
IIT-JEE & NEET EDUCATOR, Verified educator, Star educator, Plus educator, Specialisation in INORGANIC chemistry. IIT-JEE, NEET, JIPMER and

Unacademy user
sir please try to cover whole inorganic chemistry before December
sir please make a video of whole inorganic chemistry
sir your teaching style is awesome.
Sir.... M neet aspirant.... And unable to manage all the 3 subject
Vishal Vivek
a year ago
okk . we provide personal mentorship program for students who are in problem. kindly contact us via whatsapp on 8130797023
I KNOW ye puchna glt hai but tb bhi puch rhi hu sir ab sirf 2 month left for exam to kya abhi bhi wakt hai ki hmare best preparation se hm qualified kr paye ap biku; sahi bolna plzz
Vishal Vivek
2 years ago
u can qualify easily but needs true dedication @Aparna ..
Aparna Tripathi
2 years ago
thenkew sir ap ne ye kh diya to hme bhi bharosha ho gya hai ki hm qualify kr lenge hm pure dedication k saath study krenge thenkew,,,,,
Vishal Vivek
2 years ago
ok , all the best
  1. ORIENTATION IIT JEE Inoraanic chemistvy 36- 40 markS ery easy to SCoye 4-o marks 2) 6 t divectly 3) Total chapters for Mains and 9 chapter for Advance 4) uestions directly from this Co urse . Periodic Table Practical chemistry Salt An chemi cal Bondin . Hydrogen +s block P Block and f Block Metalluray Co-ordiation Compound equally impo tant and carry one qusto each. import Each chapter is vishaltiwari

  2. eriodic Table. Modern Periodic Table Trends in properties 06 elements along Giroup and pcried Chemical Bondin Ionic and covalent Bond in VSEPR Theory Valence Bond Theory -> Hybridisation Hydrogen S BLOCk elements Hydrides. Na ter and -Hydrogen Peroxide 's' block elements and general properties 2U2 Anomalous properties First element- imp ortant compounds oS Block elements VT

  3. P BLOCK D BLock General Trends in physical and chemical Properties Important compounds each?"up VT ren S and cheical Dro Metallwr Extraction os metal from thelr ores Electrochemical principles ok met allurgy Co-ordination Compound IUPAC Nomenclature o Co-OYdinaHon Compounds Isomerism . Werner's Theory VBT (Valance Bond Tneory) CAT C crystal Field Theory) Environmentel chemistyy Purely NGERT