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Periodic Properties (in Hindi)
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This video deals with last year's best mcqs from periodic properties for jee neet students

Arvind Arora
B.E.| IIT-JEE Mentor | 7+ Yr. Experience | YouTube Channel"MadeEjee Chemistry" with 15 Million+ Views | 260,000 subscribers.

Unacademy user
sir,, Can we say inferior good as "for which the increase in income leads to decrease or 'constant' in demand" ???
Deepali Donadkar
2 years ago
Yes, remember example of salt always
sir isometric ka koi video nai h
going to see it dear sirji 😁
thnkqqqqqqq sirG n unacademy team......
Thankyou so much sir👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ram Narayan Das
a year ago
periodic properties question 4 statement 1 Oxygen ka outer most electron nikalna easy hona chahiye means O ka IP O- ka IP se kam right sttement hona chahiye. similarly 3rd statement .
Ram Narayan Das
a year ago
I'm confused
today I went to fill Neet application form therefore I am late to respond anyway,i also thought the same because configuration of o=1s2 2s2 2p4 & by lossing 1e- it get its stable half filled configuration therefore it's IE should be less then IE of O- , statement should be right but I don't know ki sir ne ise incorrect kese kahe , according to sir's explanation 1st IE< 2nd IE< 3rd IE ........,I am also confused...
Ram Narayan Das
a year ago
koi baat nehi.😃 it's alright. all the best in advance for exam.
Masoom soni
a year ago
Yess Ram u r crct.... in questn 4th, both statements frst nd thrd statements are crct. but incrct option is asked in questn its ans is fourth as all are incrct statement is wrong na......
Ram Narayan Das
a year ago
b option to right na ! Ne 1s2 2s2 2p6 ie full filled so Ionisation potential will be more than Ne+
Masoom soni
a year ago
yess b is also crct......all r crct there....
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