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Parts of Digestive System (in Hindi)
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The lesson presents you an overview of Digestion and Absorption plus description of Tongue and some other parts of Buccopharyngeal cavity. Tune in.

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sir please some words use in Hindi . because I reads in Hindi medium school.
pura clearly samaj aaya..
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Shukriyaaa ❤️ always here to help
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  2. DIGESTION Conversion of complex food substances to simpler absorbable form . General organization can be regarded as Alimentary canal

  3. GENERAL ORGANISATION Pathway of food . Mouth . Esophagus (Food Pipe) - Stomach Small Intestine (Duodenum, Jejunum, lleum) . Large Intestine (Ascending, Transverse and Descending colon, Rectum) Anus (Food out)

  4. Accessory parts - Liver Gall Bladder . Pancreas

  5. Mouth and buccopharyngeal cavity

  6. To be discussed Palate . Tongue Teeth

  7. Top lip Hard palate Soft palate - Oropharynx Right tonsil -Left tonsil Tongue Bottom lip

  8. PALATE .The top of your mouth Two parts: Anterior and posterior Anterior is Hard Palate - Posterior is Soft Palate

  9. Hard Palate Anterior part Made of Maxi On ventral part (That you can see), has some projection called palatine rugae. ila and palatine bone

  10. Soft palate . Posterior part Made up of muscle fibrous connective tissue. In posterior part, an outgrowth called Velum Palati (orUvula) Uvula covers the opening of internal nasal pores when food gets in. **Pharynx is the common path for sir and food

  11. Anterior part free. - Posterior part attached to Hyoid bone . Ventral Surface connected to floor of buccal cavity by Frenulum Linguae End V Shape part called as Sulcus Terminalis. "

  12. FUNGIFORM papillae . Pink colored Found on entire tongue surface . Mostly at anterior part of tongue. . Provides pink color to tongue.

  13. Circumvallate Largest . Least . spherical shape - Near sulcus terminalis