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Part 2 Bhartiya Shiksha Darshana for Hindi Medium Learners (in Hindi)
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Bhartiya Shiksha Darshana-2 according to new syllabus of Nta UGC net in Education (In Hindi)

Navneeta Tripathi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navneeta Tripathi
P.G in Edu,Eco& Bachelor in Education UGC-NET in Education. Research Scholar. Learner,writer,reader,singer,sports lover&so on

Unacademy user
Once again Extraordinary Efforts from your end Madam. Though you said it is summary I can say that you have covered 85 to 90 percentage of all the Important points with in the less time available to you. Your concerted efforts to bring this course with optimum quality really touched me. The maps you gave in the last lesson shows your utmost dedication towards your attitude of giving best to us. Many words to say you but how can they be equivocated with your hard work and great attitude. You will always be the part of our success. That's the best thing we can give you Madam. Thank you So Much Madam........May god always bless you with his presence in all your endeavors...
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
I m short of words to convey my gratitude... Undoubtedly ,even if i would have been able to make a difference in a single person's life, I would feel grateful to the Almighty . Thank you for the appreciation and constant motivation i have been receiving from you for all my courses :) Best wishes for your exams
Venkat Chitte
3 years ago
Thank you for your Best Wishes Madam.
Sparsh Choudhary
3 years ago
Exactly same feelings ! I am feeling much clear in my understanding despite the fact I have read them twice before . Sometimes we miss out on very simpler things and sometimes complex ones due to difficulty .However ,your courses had made everything simple . In my Mains preparation last year ,I was worried that how I am gonna write geo answers for I could not develop clarity and easily memorable understanding then . May your Tribe increase ! education and learning this way is the need of the hour .
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
@Sparsh... Can't thank you enough for your kind words :)
Sparsh Choudhary
3 years ago
Dear Arpita ! Please do the rest of the books of class 11 and 12th ,as soon as you can . I am completely relying on them for high yield revision for prelims .
Guys can u help m out of my doubt dat is this videos r enuf 4 geography prelims or I do have to study d ncert class 6 to 12 book also...plz reply...thanx in advance!
hindi laung. me
You can join YouTube class at 7pm will share the link on news feed today
This is for today's class
Shatty Katewa
a year ago
ok mam thank u
mamive class ya you tube pr class kb daloge