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Part 1 : March Current Affairs MCQ's (in Hindi)
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Current Affairs of March month

Civil Service Aspirant! Always eager to learn.

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Could please next that is 201 9 Economy Survey when it will be come ? Because I heard that it will be come June or July .
Palak Sharma
a year ago
Hi, I've heard no such rumors yet. Whenever it comes, I'll try to make a course asap. :)
  1. Part:1 March Current Affairs (MCO Sourabh Jain

  2. 1. The first mega food park of Rajasthan is set up in which city? a) Ajmer b) Bikaner c) Jaipu d) Jodhpur 2. India's first Insect Museum opened in which state? a) Madhya Pradesh b) Assam c) Tamil Nadu d) Karnataka

  3. 3. Which state government raised the retirement age of state government employees to 62 years from 60 years? a) Maharastra b) Madhya Pradeslh c) Rajsthan d) Uttar Pradesh 4. The Reserve Bank of India had imposed a penalty of Rs 58.9 crore on which bank for violating the direct selling obligations of securities? a) ICICI Bank b) HDFC Bank c) SBI d) Bank Of India.

  4. 5. Kadaknath chicken of which state got the Geographical Indication (GI) Tag? a) Rajsthan b) Chhattisgarh c) Uttar Pradesh d) Madhya Pradesh 6. Initiative 'e-Tribes:Tribes India' was launched by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for digital commerce, Who is the Tribal Affairs Minister? a) Radha Mohan Singh b) P P Choudhary c) Jual Oram d) Thawarchand Gehlot

  5. 7. According to the Niti Aayog baseline ranking for aspirational districts which district is the best performing district of the country? a) Vizianagaram b) Mewat c) Singrauli d) Osmanabad 8. Which country is the world top almond importer? a) China b) India c) USA d) Spain

  6. 9. Which state has highest number of fully covered tribal habitations with the safe drinking water? a) Uttar Pradesh b) Telngana c) Rajasthan d) Madhya Pradesh 10. India signed $80 million loan agreement with Asian Development Bank to help boost youth employability in which state? a) Uttrakhandh b) Himachal Pradesh c) UP d) Sikkim

  7. 11. Narendra Singh Tomar, the Union Minister of Rural Development Panchayati Raj and Mines inaugurated 'Saras Aajeevika Mela' at a) Bhopal b) Delhi c) Mumbai d) Jaipur 12. The Department of Posts under Ministry of Communications has launched Cool EMS Service between India and which country? a) China b) Japan c) USA d) Australia

  8. 13. Who was selected as India's flag bearer for the Commonwealth Games 2018 which will be held in Gold Coast, Australia? a) Saina Nehwal b) P V Sindhu c) MC Mericom d) Jitu Roy 14. Which district became the first district in the country to have 100 percent solar powered Primary Health Centers (PHC)? a) Ahamdabad b) Surat c) Vadodara d) Bhavnagar

  9. 15. Which small finance Bank signed an agreement with Chennai Super Kings to launch a new 'Yellow Army Savings Account'? a) AU Small Finance Bank b) Jana Laxmi Small Finance Bank c) Equitas Small Finance Bank d) Ujjiwan Small Finance Bank 16. What is the rank of India in the automobile market in the world? a) First b) Second c) Third d) Fourth (China, USA, Japan)

  10. 17. Videsh Aaya Pradesh ke Dwaar' an initiative is to create a pool of media professionals interested in foreign policy and guide them on connecting with the Ministry of External Affairs launched at- a) Delhi b) Hyderabad c) Mumbai d) Chennai 18. Who became the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia? a) Abiye Ahmed b) Rosemary DiCarlo c) Matteo Salvini d) Meles Zenawi Country Capital Currency Ethiopia Addis Ababa Birr