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Part 1:- Living World (in Hindi)
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In this session we have covered living world part 1 MCQ's session.

Anmol Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anmol Sharma
||MBBS||Main Aim to be REAL i.e Redefining Education and Learning. Let's play the game Kaun Banega Doctor

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आपके शब्द हमारे आत्मविस्वास को और मजबूत करेंगे । बहुत बहुत धन्यबाद सर् …
4 ka answer a hoga sir
I love like this teaching
sir in question no 4, it is said that living organism can be unexceptionally distinguished on the basis for ? sir if we take reproduction as an answer how will we justify the infertile human couples , the worker bees, or mile for that matter. I think the answer should have been D, responsiveness to touch as reproduction is a characterstic of life but responding to external stimulus is a defining property of living organism. help me understand it sir, if I am wrong
Anmol Sharma
8 months ago
Ohk for that There are several factors and processes which differentiate living beings from non living beings like reproduction, respiration, growth, etc. But among them reproduction is the only difference which differentiates living being from non-living beings without any exception...
Anmol Sharma
8 months ago
Hope you got it...
Sir my 14 question is right
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