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Part 1, Idioms and Phrases based on Previous Year Analysis (in Hindi)
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Idiom and phrases. Part 1

Divyanshu Varshney is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Divyanshu Varshney
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Divyanshu Varshney
4 months ago
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  4. An Idiom is a group of words which has a different meaning from the meanings of the individual words..

  5. Hold good (a) be valid .. (b) to face charges (c) to realise suddenly (c) to be with somebody To make good the loss (a) to compensate (b) to escape from reality (c) to state the real facts (d) to deny charges True to their salt (a) complete loss (c) faithful to their employers.. (c) ultimately die (d) for a long time (d) to feel sick

  6. Under the weather (a) cook one's food (b) leave one's home and friends (c) serve one's purpose (d) to feel sick.. To have a wash and brush up (a) to get ready.. (b) a statement of praise (b) an undeserved compliment (d) a rare gift On the wrong track (a) after some time (b) two or three times (c) in wrong direction ..(d) again and again

  7. Hit the sack (a) support somebody (b) of against somebody (c) go to bed.. (d) prove nothing Dead to the world (a) a popular measure.. (b) a general rule (c) a common practice (d) an admirable practice Take to wife (a) a helpless man (b) a useless blanket (c) to marry.. (d) a hard question

  8. To show one's teeth (a) to frighten... (b) a secret murder (c) a suppressed desire a murder (d) deliberately committed From sublime to ridicule (a) bitten by a snake (b) to reveal the secret (c) to decline... (d) to be in the extreme hatred Kiss the rod (a) to feel depressed (b) to accept the punishments... (c) to be satisfied (d) to be pleased