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Part 1 - Fillers (in Hindi)
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Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

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sir game se related video banaiye
thanks a lot sir. these types of questions are really very helpful.
sir prepositions krwaye pleae
I attempted 9/10 correctly except 7.
sir 7th quesion samaj nahi aya...
  1. Grammar Test Verb/Noun/Pronoun Many of the items were given to the poor A) sell B) sale C) sold to D) not sold a) Mr. Green received all the complaints to our office A) sent B) were sent C) sending D) be sent a Don't make him_it t if he doesn't want to. A) do C) to do B) doing D) done n He arrived without us that he was coming.

  2. A) warn B) having warned C) have warned D) to warned s The man_ for a bus were knocked down when a lorry skidded and ran off the road. A) wait B) waiting C) waitedD) were waiting o After all the doors and windows thoroughly, I went to bed A) check B) have checked C) having checked D) have been checked n Raymond has two brothers,__. A) both of whom live in Turkey B) whom they live in Turkey C) both of them live in Turkey

  3. D) one of them lives in Turkey sthe problem, Susan was able to correct it. A) Having recognized B) Recognize C) Having been recognized D) Recognized 9 Not having_ instructions, George could not do the job properly A) been given B) givern B) givingD) given the She demanded that she given the exact figures. she given t 10) A) be B) were B) are D) have what to do now. I wish I A) know B) knew

  4. C) have known D) had known 12 The whole housei if he hadn't called the fireman. A) would be destroyed B) would have been destroyed C) will have been destroyed D) would destroy been late if he hadn't forgotten his keys? 13) A) Would he have B) He had C) Had he D) Have he a_, which is essential in learning a language, can be difficult for beginners. A) Students ask questions B) If students ask questions

  5. C) Students who ask questions D) Asking questions If she__somewhat taller, she would join the team. B) be A) were C) am D) will be 19 They would refuse to read the book if they _it. A) like C) didn't like B) doesn't like D) don't like in Nancy would have a vacation if she had had enough money A) take C) takes B) taken D) took s They__to the cinema if they had known it was the last night of the film. A) will go B) would go

  6. C) would have gone D) had gone 9)The old man died not of injuries in the accident but of a heart attackk A) were sustained B) sustained C) to sustain D) what sustained 20) Linda hoped to Ralph's party A) to be invited B) to have invitation C) for being invited D) she will be invited 2)Before the computer could be repaired, a special part had_from Japan A) to import B) to be imported C) a very long delivery

  7. D) to have been important 2a If it keeps on raining the game may A) delay B) be delayed C) have delayed D) have to delay 23 Do you intend_ English while you are visiting England? A) to study C) studying B) study D) studied an answer as soon as possible. B) to receive I'd appreciate A) receive C) receiving D) received __that doctor's address for you. B) copy D) copied s Do you want me A) to copy C) copying as Won't you let the childre na little longer?

  8. A) stay B) to stay C) staying D) stayed 2n Most teachers don't permit their students dictionaries during an examination. A) use C) using B) to use D) used 2s His wife got him drinking. B) stopping A) stops C) stop D) to stop that tea will make you feel__. A) To drink / relaxing B) Drinking / relaxing C) Drinking / relaxed D) To drink / relax

  9. ao I'll have the clothes and A) wash / iron B) washed / ironed C) to wash / to iron D) to be washed / ironed si) They were it but they forgot. A) brought B) have been brought C) to have brought D) to be brought 2 I was just about_y aI was just about_you when you phoned nm A) phoned B phoning C) to phoneD) having phoned ) She is certain_by pl A) to come C) coming B) come D) comes

  10. 4) I would him if I had seen him in time. 3 A) tell C) told B) have told D) had told as He seems__ s something. A) to have lost B) to be lost C) to have been lost D) lost The new bridge should by now A) be finished B) to be finished C) have been finished D) have finished an It's said that he retired last month. He is said last month. A) to retire C) retiring B) retired D) to have retired ae Do you happen when Kennedy was assassinated?

  11. A) knowing C) to have known B) to know D) knew 39) We'll close all the windows in case it __while we are out. A) rains B) rained C) will rain D) rain Take an umbrella with you in case it__. A) rainedB) will rain C) should rain D) is raining Common Error n A house which (a)/ rooms are spacious (b)/ is what I want. (c)/ No Error (d)

  12. aThe way he (a) tackles the answers (b)/ should not be It was the coldest (a)/ day which (b)/ we ever He is the same (a)/ man who (b)/ was arrested sThat what cannot (a)/ be cured (b)/ must be There is scarcely (a)/ a schoolgoing child but does (b)/ 7Mr Chakarvarty with his (a)/ luggage left the town sThe book (a)/ is worth(b)/ to read.(c)/ No Error emulated. (c)/ No Error (d) experienced. (c)/ No Error (d) yesterday. (c)/ No Error (d) endured.(c)/ No Error (d) not like television. (c)/ No Error (d) (b)/ which was heavy with clothes. (c)/ No Error

  13. saThe items I liked most (a)/ were the rosewood carvings (b)/ and the teak-wood furnitures of Dutch design. (c)/ NE (d) ss Ram will be suspended (a)/ because he opened an account (b)/ without obtaining none of the necessary documents. (c)/ No error (d) s In spite of the many (a)/ challenges faced by themselves (b)/ the company has made a profit this year. (c)/ No error (d) sn This is one (a)/ of the few companies (b)/ who have done well for the past two years. (c)/ No error (d)

  14. oa Tourists have still come to Egypt and are probably still inscribing their names on the old stones a) Are still coming b) Still have come c Will have still come d) No correction required I overheard him saying something to me when I was quit. a. I was about tom quit b. I had about to quit c. I had been quitting d. No correction required 64)

  15. a. Successful to overwhelming b. Succeeded to overwhelm c. Succeeded in overwhelming d. No correction required o The sight of the accident was so frightened that the bystanders could not utter a single word. a. So frightening that b. Extremely frightening as c. Extremely frightened d. No correction required nHe travelled by bus but would have travelled by train to save time. a. Must have travelled

  16. b. Should be travelling c. Should have travelled d. No correction required a It is reliable to learn that there is no substantial prove his innocence. a. IS reliably learnt b. Reliable to learn c. Was reliable to learn d. No correction required

  17. )Finishing his breakfast, he started working on the problem that had been awaiting disposal for a long time a. His breakfast finished b. His breakfast having finished c. Having finished his breakfast d. d No correction require One of the function of a teacher is to spot cases of maladjustment. a. One of the functions of b. Most of the functions c. One of the functions by d. No correction required 74)

  18. mWe are happy to recommend that his son to be considered for the post. a) considered for b) be considered with c) be considered for d) No correction required 7s A majority of the students believes that the examinations are unnecessary a) b) c) d) have been not necessary have unnecessary were being unnecessary No correction required r9 May I know whom I am talking to?

  19. a) who I am talking b) to whom I am talking c) who I have talked d) No correction requiredd 80 Due to fatigue the activity of body and mind slow down. a. will slow b. Will SlOw ddown c. slows down d. No correction required

  20. Finland, as well as the western half of the Russiarn north. But, few places on earth offer more ways to witness them than Norwav. Hundredsof thousands of people live in this huge geographical area and the region offers a vast selection of activities, tours, cruises, restaurants and hotels, which important part in the Arctic sn a) being (84) (85) play an b) having d) found c) finding sa a) collision b) collusion d) convulsion d) illusion s) a) can viewb) may view

  21. (88) of the toothless beak. Compared to an incubation period of several months for dinosaur eggs, modern birds weeks. This is because there is no need to wait for the (89) after iust a few davs or (90) to develop teeth _ a process that can consume 60% of egg incubation time, said researchers Tzu-Ruei Yang and Martin Sander from the University of Bonn so a) that b) them c) they d) their sn a) predators b) ancestors c) supporters d) creators

  22. ss a) dev olution bl evolution c) devaluation s9 a) batch d) evaluation b) catch d) attach b) structure d) embryo c) hatch o a) brairn c) drain Indian scientists have developed a biosensor technique which can be potentially Chikungunya virus. According to the scientists, the technique can be used to care device for rapid identification of the dreaded disease. This technique is based on molybdenum (91) in detecting (92) a point of

  23. disulphide nanosheets. The researchers the nanosheets by chemical route and characterized them by using scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, UV visible spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and X-ravy Diffraction. Molybdenum disulphide nanosheets were to physical adsorption onto the gold electrodes and then for the detection of chikungunya virus DNA using electrochemical voltammetric (93) then (94)t screen printed (95) techniques na) help b) helped

  24. c) helping d) cut b) developing d) detect oa a) develop c) developed 9 a) synchronised b) synthesized c) sensitized d) sympathized a) requested b) rejected c) subjected d) resurrected o) a) deployed b) employed Gradual change in temperature and rainfall affect production of the famous Darjeeling tea. The (c) detected d) destroyed (96), in Darjeeling hills is beginning to

  25. state, the plan has reported a decline in size and quality of citrus fruits like mandarin orange as a result of rising minimum temperature during the flowering (100) . e a) downpours b) patterns c) standards d) methods a) dropping b) dropped c) having dropped d) being dropped a) suggested b) pointed c) emerged d) declared a) cultivation b) production c) distribution d) attention 98)

  26. o0 a) part b) session d) treason c) season