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Part 1 English - WBP Constable Main/Jail Warder Preli/WB Excise Constable Main (in Bengali)
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English Set 1:- WBP Constable Main/Jail Warder Preli/WB Excise Constable Main 2019 (In Bengali)

Srobona Sadhukhan
I am Srobona Sadhukhan from Hooghly, West Bengal.I love to teach Because it allows me to be Creative Everyday.

Unacademy user
very very nice sir ji .......👌👌
Vaibhav Shivade
8 months ago
Thanku Madamji. Please share this videos in your friends group
Thanks mam. Please add me in ur company
Madam ami English a khubei durbol ki kore valo kora jay ektu bolben. Ami WBCS Preli pass korte pari but main a parina.
mam agulo ki common aste pare
  1. English TWO GALVO PDF

  2. Select the single word or Directions phrase which means most nearly the same as the given idiomatic phrase. 1. An office with pay bu le responsibility (A) sinecure (C) factotum (B) presidency (D) plotocracy 2. A long boring speech horology B) harangue (D) filibuster (C) valediction 3. Accidental solving of a crime (A) investigation(B) detection (C) sixth-sense serendipity 4. A commonplace and unoriginal statement (B) preamble (A) witticism (C) prevarication (D) platitude 5. Poetry that is silly (A) observe (C) limerick (B) doggerel dirge Directions : Choose the alternative whic is closest in meaning to the given word 6. Imponderable (A) manifest (C) incapable of being evaluated (D) meditative (B) confining 7. Quicksilver (A) mercurial (B) sleazy (C) honourable (D) questionable integrity 8. procure (A) to heal nduce (C) hold back (D) obtain 9. Aloof (A) sociable (C) detached (B) high (D) conservative 10. stodgy A) sturdy (C) blunt (B) dull (D) obstinate

  3. Directions : Choose the alternative which most nearly means opposite of the given word. 11. Exhaust (A) emphasise revere (B) strengthen fuse 12.Calculation (A) wild guess (C) acceptance (B) bad habit (D) aspiration 13.Candid (A) defaint (C) reversed (B) stingy (D) dejected (D) genuine D) act wisely 14. Bizarre (A) worthless (C) humble ordinary 15. Blunder (A) confess persevere plan jointly 16.He is a good leader, knowing that to motivate his employees to achieve. (A) That know when(B) Who knows how j (C) Which knows now(D) knowing what 17.Thestadium wherever he opening ceremony will be held next month. is equipped with the latest facilities. (A) in the opening ceremony (B) which the ceremony will open C) where the opening ceremony (D) that the opening ceremony 18. The magazine that wes ubscribe to is published monthly- (A) which is subscribed (B) we are subscribed (C) whom we subscribe (D) whenever we subscribed 19. We admire they are taking this step despite the numerous risks involved (A) them to take (B) them for taking (C) that they have taken over (D) how their taking of 20. This project would encourage development and enable every village to govern their wn destiny. (A) to govern his (B) to governing his (C) have government their

  4. (D) may govern their DirectionsIn these questions, four alternatives are given for the idiom given in below. Choose the correct alternatives. 21.To call a spade a spade (A) to be frank (C) to be rude (B) to be sly (D) to be diplomatic 22.To miss the bus (A) to miss, the bus that one regularly takes (B) to miss an opportunity (C) to have something to fall back upon (D) to find fault with others 23.To look down one's nose (A) to show anger (B) to retaliate (C) to insul in the presence of others (D) to regard with contem 24. By putting two and two together (A) to mix several thaings (B) to make an arithmetical calculation (C) to keep people in pairs (D) to deduce from given facts 25.To go scot-free (A) to walk like a native of Scotland (B) to get something free (C) to escape without punishment (D) to save tax

  5. 20 ros e- to P-3u1><e of otLerd scot-free. To eseaPe mttouk Ro4.met 25. to