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P-V Work
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PV Work and meaning of the word Reversible work and Reversible process.

Gagan Narang
I am a Master of Science(Physics) student with a mind always open to new research work.

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sir parallogram ka question samajh nahi aaya. sir a+b=AB+BC samajh aaya. but b-a samajh nahi aaya
  1. PV-Work

  2. In mechanics, work is said to be done if a force acts on a body and as result of application of force, the body moves. Numerically, work in defined as If force and displacement lie in same direction or make acute angle the work done F's 0 and if they lie in opposite direction or make obtuse angle then 0 In one dimension, work done

  3. System

  4. System

  5. classmate AS Date Change in syalem asme

  6. Date Force acting on pigton F = PXA ding