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Overview(in Hindi)
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This lesson is introduction all about the course that is cytology and cytogenetics

Mandeep Singh
Hey Myself Mandeep singh studying agriculture from panjab university.

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Well excillent lecture sir ji
Mandeep Singh
9 months ago
Thnxx dear
well explained .thanks for the course
Mandeep Singh
a year ago
thank you
what is inheritance??
Mandeep Singh
a year ago
inheritance means character transfer from one generatiom to another
Mandeep Singh
a year ago
thank you bro
  1. INTRODUCTION TOPIC: (CYTOLOGY AND CYTOGENETICS) Mandeep singh B.Sc. Agriculture final year from panjab university I am also preparing for my civil services Exams Home town -Hoshiarpur

  2. Introduction to the topic Genetics is the study of genes genetic variation, and heredity in living organisms. Cytology: It is a branch of biology dealing with the structure, function, multiplication, pathology, and life history of cells. . Cytogenetics It is the study of chromosomal structure,location and function in cells. It includes the study of chromosome number and appearance (karyotyping), the physical location of genes on chromosomes, and chromosomal benaviour in processes such as cell division.

  3. Importance of cytogenetics It tells about the structure of chromosome. Helps in finding disease caused by particular genes T his study also helps in finding location of gene on particular chromosome.

  4. Topic we are covering: - Cell ultrastructure - Chromosome structure - Cell division -1(Mitosis) - Cell division-2 (Meiosis) - Chromosomal Aberration-1(structural) Chromosomal Aberration-2(Numerical) MCQ related to above topics

  5. Helpful: For exam preparation like ICAR - Helps in entrance exam for Master degree - For bachelor degree students - For jobs like Manager in agriculture.

  6. Thank you Follow my further lesson to get knowledge related to cytogenetics. And also follow & share my lectures with your friends to help them. Also RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND