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Ashish Singh
IB ACIO II- 2017(Mains Qualified), Verified Exam cleared- SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016 - Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains)

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sir thank you. no 4 question er answer ki Nathu la hobe ? ektu confusion achhe . Sir please janaben.
  1. Environment And Ecology

  2. Ashish Singh IB ACIO II- 2017(Mains Qualified), UPSC aspirant Exam cleared-sSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016-Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains) VERIFIED Edit Profile 18,942 Views in last 30 days 289,491 Lifetime Views 62 Courses 9.9k Followers 28 Following NEWS Indian Polity fo at By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh February 2019: The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims Based... Hindi) February, 2019 The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims... Hindi) Understanding Entire Polity Through MCQs 41 Lessons 40 Lessons 5 Lessons

  3. 1. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched? (a) Biosphere (b) Ecosystem (c) Ecology (d) Biodiversity_ _ Eduard Suess A.P. de Candolle A.G. Tansley

  4. (a)Eduard Suess was an Austrian, responsible for hypothesising two major former geographical features, the supercontinent Gondwana and the Tethys Ocean.The term "biosphere" was coined by geologist Eduard Suess in 1875, which he defined as "The place on Earth's surface where life dwells." At the first time the term "biosphere" was coined by austrian geologist Eduard Suess in 1875; he defined: The biosphere is the aggregate of different organisms that live on Earth's surface. .In the 1929 the term "Biosphere" was coined by Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky as: The biosphere is the life zone of the Earth and consists of all living organisms, including human beings, and all organic matters.

  5. 2. Which of the following groups of gases contribute to the 'Green House Effect'? (a) Ammonia and Ozone (b) Carbon mono-oxide and Sulphur di-oxide (c) Carbon tetrafluoride and Nitrous oxide (d) Carbon dioxide and Methane

  6. The most abundant greenhouse gases in Earth's (d) atmosphere are: Water vapor (H2O), Carbon dioxide (CO,), Methane (CHA). Nitrous oxide (N2O), Ozone (O2 and CFCs. 2. Greenhouse Gases Co2 and other gases in the atmoshere Trap heat, keeping earh warm Nitrous Oxide Long Wavelength Ozone 6% Methane 12% Short Wavelength 54% 21% CFCs Carbon Dioxide