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This video gives an overview of all the topics to be covered in the course

Shreeya Nelekar
I'm engineering student, currently pursuing B.E (Hons) in Computer Science from BITS PILANI , HYDERABAD CAMPUS.

Unacademy user
great work are doing a wonderful job...plzz continue this series....
Akash Agrawal
2 years ago
regarding the MPPSC strategy , Kindly have a look at the post by Mr. devendra pratap singh ( Rank 16 / 2017 ) on Mrunal . I believe that will suffice for strategy .
2 years ago
thank you very much sir....
  1. TRIGONOMETRY FOR IIT JEE: Properties of triangle. By Shreeya Nelekar

  2. ABOUT ME: . I'm currently pursuing B.E (Hons) in Computer Science and Engg. from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. . I've cleared JEE Mains and Advanced in . I have also cleared Regional Math . My hobbies are playing basketball, year 2017. Olympiad in class 1th learning foreign languages, dancing, reading and trekking

  3. Target audience This course covers the topic related to trigonometry and its applications. Hence the target audience for this course, basically comprises of all the students who are preparing for exams like IIT JEE, BITSAT, VITEEE and other such exams. Also, this course is treat for mathematics lovers. No matter you are a student or not, if you love math, go for it!! 1. 2. 3.

  4. Course overview In this course we'll be specifically dealing with applications of trigonometry to geometry There are total 5 videos in this course, each of 8-15 minutes. Contents: 1. Standard notations and symbols 2. Some standard points in a triangle Incircle, Excircle and their standard notation 3. I 4. Circumcircle and its standard notation 5. Basic trigonometric identities 6. Sine rule and cosine rule 7. Napier's formula

  5. 8. Projection formula 9. Half angle formula 10. Area of triangle 11. Bramhagupta's formula 12. Incircle configuration 13. Circumcircle configuration. 14. Orthic configuration 15. Centroid 16. Pedal's triangle 17. Excircle configuration