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Suraj Kumar Gupta
Top Educator 2017 Certified production engineer from RCF Kapurthala & BALCO Korba, winner of competition by UN, National Youth Parliament

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Well Explained :) Will we get Assertation Reasoniong questions on Financial Mgt For NET Management?
9 months ago
May be.
As a teacher you should not pass such sexist comments. I am a girl but I don't watch any daily soap. Please avoid such generalizations.
2:41 girls and daily soaps ! please don't make such generalistic statements. I understand the messeage you wan't to convey, but please take care of how you convey the same.
thank you sir, can you please suggest me , is it necessary to ready M.Laxmikant after watching videos, actually i have to prepare for CAPF exam from may 20, and exam is on august 12, so please suggest me sir. Jai Hind
Introduction kam karo
Thank you so much Sir. This was much needed.
  1. Constitutional History NSTITUOTON OF IN ndia by Picture ON -BY SURAJ KUMAR GUPT THE PEOPLE OF


  3. About me? unacademy Epe u ar Suraj0 0 credi Suraj Kumar Gupta st n tst tyin h crate masterpleces 13080 Ths monh Vews Edlit Profile #297265 LifetimeViews 17 Couses 15.8k Folowvers 37 Folown SKG

  4. Why this course ? There are lots of texts available but very hard to mug up, (isn't it so . This vwil anable you to learn and memorize in the easiest possible way You will not find it boring or sleep inducing (though it comprises of Polity and History, still you will find it interesting) . . Caution- Don't try to watch it in slide mode, else you will miss the fun. SKG

  5. Why it is important? It will consolidate your conceptual knowledge e t will help you to tighten up your grip in twO subjects, viz. Polity and History . Many direct questions come from these topics SKG

  6. Who can take benefit? . Aspirants of UPSC CSE, CAPF (AC), CDS, NDA . Aspirants of state PSC . Aspirants of lBPS, SBl PO, etc . Anyone who want to know how our Governance laws evolved SKG

  7. If you liked it, please SKG