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This lesson describes what we aim to achieve through this course

DrJewa Tripathy
Group 'A' Officer under govt. of Odisha (Dental surgeon) , Felicitated by Odisha CM for her essay writing, NTSE and ICMR scholar. Loves Teac

Unacademy user
Awesome video on why 99.9% aspirants Wud fail.. U hit the target by explaining in one line the required quality - monomaniac ruthlessly focused.
Mam what is river basin and river bank. can u explain in simple language in english , i am not getting a clear picture of them
Mam please discuss something about river age. like in ncert it is written rivers of Himalaya are older than Himalayas. I don't understand that concept.
DrJewa Tripathy
2 years ago
you will be notified when I add a video for your doubts
Thank you mam...:)
Maharaja pic is very attractive... Nice initiative... Ma'am As you said that you are facing time cruch, I would request you to keep this course specific to geography only. Thanks
plz discuss easterlies westerlies trade wind monsoon wind etc & other wind concept in a separate lesson
Also please discuss about easterly jet streams and how they play a role in monsoon.

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  4. Density and Migration of Population POPULATION anitha 4 days ago pls tell me diff b/w infant mortality &death rates? and also wt is d meaning of tax disincentive concept? thanks a lot mammm

  5. Anurag Joshi yesterday elnino causes warming upnof austraian coast and hence it should be associated with negative iod? similarly la nina causes cooling of austalian coast and it should be associated with negative iod? by this logic el nino +positive iod nullifying effect and la nina + negative iod - nullifying effect. so what does in phase and out of phase mean?

  6. Bas... Duaa KABH OD ALVIDA NA KEHNA me yaad rakhana A n