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This is the overview lesson. It talks about the importance of previous year's papers, target audience and objectives of this course.

Neerja Patel
Assistant professor || Black belt holder || Certified Yoga Instructor || movies/ crafts/ knitting /novels/ poems/ excursion

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In question 7.2, I think we have 2 prime numbers (2&11), so rule 3 will be followed . Correct answer should be @,A,#,A,B, Anyhow the option D is correct.
Teaching and explaining concepts nice mam, age ke bhi questions paper explain kiniye
  1. UGC NET/JRF GEOGRAPHY Previous Years' Solved Papers Part 2 Presented by Neerja Patel

  2. Hello! I'm Neerja Assistant Professor Geograplh Black belt in Martial art Certified Yoga Instructor I like the process of acquiring wisdom by interchanging knowledge, that's why I'm here

  3. ur academy unacademy UGC NET/JRF- UGC NET/JRF- GEOGRAPHY Previous Years' Solved Papers Part 1 By Neerja Patel CBSC NET/JRF Previous Year's Solved Papers on Geography Paper 2 By Neerja Patel (Hindi) Previous Years' Geography Solved Papers: UGC NET/JRF 18 Lessons 19 Lessons 0 ratings 2 reviews 15 ratings 4 reviews

  4. Target audience NET/JRE CRET/RET aspirans Undergraduate and Past Graduate Geograplhy students

  5. Objectives of this cour se Helpful in quick revision of previous years' questions Test your knomledge Prepare yourself for final exam

  6. Papers covered in the course Geography Paper 2 From June 2009 to December 2011

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