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Overview of Ray Optics and an outline of the different topics to be covered in this course

Samip Velani
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  1. Optical Instruments Ray Optics

  2. ntfoduction >Educator, by passion (lifelong student) Promote extra-curricular learning and active visualization exercises to augment the understanding about each concept lear understanding should help you solve all related problems. Targeted for NEET, AIIMS (and other Pre-Medical) aspirants Follow me, rate my work, express your pleasure- enthusiasm is contagious Samip Velani

  3. Overvitw Introduction and Newton's Corpuscular Theory for Light - Reflection of Light by Spherical Dispersion Refraction by a Lens Refraction by a Prism Mirrors Some Natural Phenomena due to Sunlight Optical Instruments - Refraction Total Internal Reflection Refraction at Spherical Surfaces . The Eye Microscope .Telescope

  4. Take a (milk) break and think about what you learnt in the last 1o-15 minutes Thank you for listening If you have any questions, please ask in "your" discussion space.