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Overview on the course of cell signalling and transduction

Anwesha bose
I am a student of biotechnology in Adamas University. I see myself as a research scientist in near future.

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Nice , Informative, systematical and easy to understand.
Anwesha bose
a year ago
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well done..keep it up
Anwesha bose
a year ago
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good effort.. well done
Anwesha bose
a year ago
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  1. GATE BIOTECHNOLOGY TOPIC: CELL SIGNALING & TRANSDUCTION BY, Anwesha Bose 2nd year student, BIOTECHNOLOGY Educator at Unacademy unacademy


  3. What is cell signalling and Transduction? It is the process of occurrence of a stimulus which is transferred form outside of the cell to the interior by converting it into biochemical signal to allow the cell to perform appropriate function

  4. Cell signaling and transduction is a very important aspect in biotechnology. . It is the basis of cell-cell as well as cell- external environment interaction. e The basis of cell signalling: Biochemical signals

  5. At molecular level it occurs through change in expression of gene. . It involves interaction of millions of molecules in a very specific manner

  6. Course structure:

  7. Module1 : introduction Modules: G protein coupled receptors to cell signalling,signal transduction, important terms related, properties inflencing signalling Module4:2nd messengers Module2: different type Module5: question of receptors and their functionning,some common signalling pathways answer discussion

  8. The modules are divided into 5 video lectures. Each video contains relevant diagrams with proper explanation. If you like the video please press the like button and don't forget to add your valuable comments. You can ask your doubts also. Please do follow me to get more lectures on Gate Biotechnology.

  9. Thank you