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Pranav Pundarik
I teach exactly what you need🎯 Cleared NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER and JEE. Explore the courses, enjoy, understand and excel in Biology❤️

Unacademy user
Hi rahul sir my duot is when dr.ambedkar establish those party and what was the intension/against for ?
Wow thanks for the explanation of this chapter... Now I understood very well.... By the way Can I have your no. If you don't mind can.
Pranav Pundarik
7 months ago
Yes you can have my number. 8794259930
Ruchi yadav
3 months ago
can I also take ur no. ?
Sir pls upload genetics chapter video pls
sir please do make a lecture on reproduction in organisms
SIr please upload chapter one also.
Pranav Pundarik
a year ago
Which one?
Annu Kumari
a year ago
reproduction in organisms. Please sir.
Pranav Pundarik
a year ago
ohh. okay okay sure. rest three of the unit already uploaded. That part also will be done.
Annu Kumari
a year ago
Thank u sir.Thank u very much for replying
Pranav Pundarik
a year ago
Always to help out dear :) Anytime !
  1. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants A LECTURE SERIES BY PRANAV

  2. About your educator He is a god guy !!!:) Btw, I am doing Biomedical engineering at NIT Rourkela Cleared NEET, JEE and AlIMS, btw, that doesn't matters here, as here only the way l teach, that is gonna matter Here to make Biology simpler than simplest for you, and to let you know and feel the beauty of it !!

  3. About fhe course Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants, a very interesting topic indeed. At first, we will discuss about the basic structure and idea and then will gradually go on covering it voiceover explains et al)

  4. Some must follow rules to get the fullest from the course !!! ASK, ASK AND ASK as much as you can, all your queries will be answered Never everhesitate to drop down your doubts in the comments or even you can message me at the app! Do not enjoy the lessons alone, connect your mates too!