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In this lesson Bhagyashree Ghosh provides an overview of the whole course.

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Bhagyashree Ghosh
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  1. Develop Complete logics to solve Logical Reasoning By Bhagyashree Ghosh

  2. Bhagyashree Ghosh English Geek UPSC Prelims 2017 Qualified 99.3%tile in MAT 2014, 95%tile in CAT 2014 Hobbies: Read, Write, Teach .Follow link: Https://

  3. Overview

  4. Importance of the Course Logical reasoning questions are designed to measure the students' ability to understand the structure of relationships and to draw conclusions from it. Students will be asked to make deductions from a set of statements, conditions or rules that describe the relationships among various variables such as persons, places, things or events. These questions simulate the kinds of detailed analyses of relationships that management students must perform in solving problems. . Additionally, they require the ability to reason clearly and deductively from a given set of rules or restrictions; all under a strict time frame.

  5. Course Content Overview Reasoning skills Part-1 Reasoning skills Part-2 Reasoning skills Part-3 Information Management Practice Exercise -1 Practice Exercise -2 Practice Exercise -3 Practice Exercise -4 Practice Exercise -5

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