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Overview about the Indian forest service

Bharath Reddy
Name: K Bharath Reddy Education: Wildlife biology, Osmania Univeristy. Residence: Hyderabad. Work Experience: Tiger biologist & conserv

Unacademy user
could u tell more examples
Binati Sheth
3 years ago
More examples for which topic/s?
Sushanta Patra
3 years ago
general study paper 11 of civil service prilim
hello sir, can i get ur contact number?
Hi All, I am not able to see videos even after enrolling for it. Can anyone please guide for resolution of the issue. Thanks
hello sir I've preferred zoology as optional subject would you help me to find the better books and materials for same?
sir do they allow the person with flat feet if one can ran and walk
sir please suggest material for geology optionals
  1. OVERVIEW By Bharath Reddy

  2. Overview About Me Wildlife Researcher specialized in Mammals and Aves. Outreach projects Represented India at UN CBD- COP Interested in UN policies Earlier worked with Dr Reddy's lab as quality control analyst Create awareness about Indian forest service

  3. My Topics 1. Life in Indian Forest Service 2. Administration in Indian Forest Service 3. How to approach for Indian Forest Service 4. Preliminary Strategy 5. Mains Strategy 6. Interview & Physical Test

  4. TARGET AUDIENCE Future UPSC aspirants. Would like to create awareness about Indian forest service to all the aspirants.