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This lesson gives you an overview of the topic business economics along with the contents as per UGC NET COMMERCE syllabus and a small introduction to Business Economics and what it basically does. It also describes the economic problems and the variables or the theories of the economy.

Antara Mahanta
Educator at Unacademy. Postgraduate in Commerce. Loves to cook and sing. Lives in Assam.

Unacademy user
You really explained well. Thank you ma'am :) looking forward to your classes .
Antara Mahanta
2 years ago
It's my pleasure, Lipsha. :)
  1. Introduction to Business Economics. By Antara Mahantoa

  2. Prepared by Antara Mahantoa Educator at Unacademy. Follow me at- a02

  3. Contents (according to UGC NET) Nature and uses of Business Economics, Concept of Profit and Wealth maximization. Demand Analysis and Elasticity of Demand, Indifference Curve Analysis, Law. - Utility Analysis and Laws of Returns and Law of variable proportions. - Cost, Revenue, Price determination in different market situations : Perfect competition, Monopolistic competition, Monopoly, Price discrimination and Oligopoly, Pricing strategies.

  4. What will the course cover? - Introduction to Business Economics. Summary and Important points

  5. Economic problems Unlimited wants Limited resources

  6. Theories of Economy. - Demand - Supply Price Input Output Stock -Profit etc.

  7. Meaning of Business Economics. Links abstract theory and business practice by identifying problems, organising information and evaluating all feasible alternatives to choose the best therefrom.

  8. See you in the next lesson Thank you!