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Overview: Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy
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In this lesson, Vimal Singh Rathore presents the importance of learning about Radioactivity and Nuclear energy by relating it to Contemporary issues. He also describes the objectives of this course, the forthcoming lessons, and the benefits one would draw from taking this course.​

Vimal Singh Rathore
Travelling gives you 'experience' & teaching 'immortalizes' it. Loves both :)

Unacademy user
very useful class are doing a great job sir
explain the flow of CO2 phenomenon in the energy conversion system
sir plz make a course on science and technology in Hindi for PT 2019. plz sir ...............
sir. stephen hawking passed away today itself. it makes his discoveries and inventions more relevant and important for upsc prelims. please make a course on them if time permits you. thanks.
PS: Let's plan a Game. Whenever you guys have any doubt, you will ask your doubts at this link : Here, you will get a question tab. Type your question there. That way, I will get an instant notification. And, it is my guarantee, I will answer your doubts withing 24 hours !! Howz that? No more complaints. :) Happy Learning. It will form a good Q&A column on the front and all of you will reap its benefits in long time. :)
Ankita Tiwari
2 years ago
sir pls can u tell me the sources to study the defence, computer science., biotechnology , space technology. sir pls help me out . m so lost ! u r my last resort !! pls pls pls reply sir

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  3. OBJECTIVE OF THIS COURSE First ever Course on Unacademy on the Basic Concepts in S&T - Nuclear Energy To demystify nuclear energy & radioactivity in very simple, to the point and comprehensive way Strictly according to the demand of UPSC (& other competitive exams) High Yielding for UPSC Prelims 2017 & to understand the recent issues PS : Recent issues (for CSE-Mains) will be dealt in next course

  4. CONTRIBUTE s course is helping you professional fees by vokumary If this course is helping you in any way, please pay a voluntary It will really motivate me to come up with better and more engaging courses!

  5. TARGET ASPIRANTS UPSC-Civil Services UPSC-APFC, CAPE, NDA, CDS State PCS SSC IVI Science Enthusiast

  6. STRUCTURE OFTHE COURSE Basics of Chemistry-Modern Periodic Table & imp. trends Basics of Nuclear Energy and Radioactivity Uranium Enrichment, Fissile, Fertile, Fissionable concepts Nuclear Energy Program of India T horium, issue:s - Nuclear Fusion Breeder's Reaction, Radioisotopes