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Overview: Political Geography (in Hindi)
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Abhishek Dhiman
B.Sc ( PCM) In starting, solve the Previous Years Questions(1995-2018) For UPSC CSE IAS 4 year teaching experience

Unacademy user
Jatin sir Don't u think that we should always support Russia in all condition and reason we all know. just couple of days back Adani group signed Defence deal with a swedish company over 100 fighter jets,to remove MIG-27 and 30,we could had signed deal with Russian Company. by doing this we could have shot two bird with single arrow. 1-Russia's defence deal and regain faith in arm supply 2- Helping them in so called economic war after U.S sanctions. and by doing this there would have been no reason for any country (U.S) to see us from corner eye isn't it....!!!!
Sandhya B
2 years ago
Hi, I think in International relations there's no permanent friend but only permanent interests. We can't support Russia in all conditions & sign deals with Russian firms just to help them with western sanctions-- given the last minute price changes, no Transfer of Technology & follow-up issues on repairs etc. In my opinion, we need to think as a customer & buy what fulfills our criteria and not merely to appease someone.
Sanjeev Sharma
2 years ago
Sandhya B is right because in International Relation every country has prime objective or goal to fulfill its need, so we can't rely on one country either USA or Russia. To have many friends in International Relation is a good sign because they may help us in any situation.
Hey..Thanks for sharing your views.... U both are right that our objective is to get best when we become customer,But some issues can be tabled out... I would like to say that there is correlation, First Russia is leaning toward Pakistan and china,Russia and China both are UN Security Council permanent member and BRICS partners as well.....Second this is Proven fact that private firms and stakeholders influence the decision of Govt's. and if any country have good Govt and Private partnership then they are bound to make favourable decisions with relating country.And here we are emerging new market for everything, and thus Lobbying becomes easy, (like China and U.S. do) and we all know how badly we need NSG and UNSC membership,and Pakistan will not leave any stone unturned to defeat our cause, and he is gaining ground into it. Thus if any firm do business with these Countries in any sector dependency will increase on both side and we can bell the cat whenever we need....!!!!