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Overview - Online NCERT Summary Class - VIII (Science) for UPSC/IAS Preparation
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In this lesson, Bhanwar has given the overview of the course structure along with the introduction. He has highlighted the Target audience and his lesson plan.

Bhanwar Singh
Ex- National Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012

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sir very good stuff u r having thanks for giving us guidance
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sir please explain me in short what is the difference between saga 220. super computer and newly launch supercomputer Pratyush.
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  2. About me B.A. (Hons) in Law from Awadh University Ex- National Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012 Hobbies Writing Poetry .Course Fee Contribute Follow me on Unacademy at: b ons in Law from Awadh Universi

  3. Target audience Anybody who is preparing for Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC a State Service Examination Other Competitive Examination such as NDA, CDS, SSC, Railways Important for those who have interest in Basic Concepts of Science Environmental Studies Natural Disaster Management

  4. Lesson Plan Lesson 1 : Crop Production & Management Lesson 2 : Microorganisms Lesson 3 : Synthetic Fibres & Plastics Lesson 4 : Metals & Non Metals o Lesson 3 Syn and Chemical Effects of Electric Current Lesson 5 : Coal & Petroleum Lesson 6 : Combustion & Flame Lesson 7 : Conservation of Plants & Animals Lesson 8 : Cell-Structure & Functions

  5. Lesson Plan Lesson 9 : Reproduction in Animals Lesson 10 : Adolescence Lesson 1 1 : Force & Pressure Lesson 1 2 : Sound Lesson 1 3 : Some Natural Phenomenon Lesson 14: Light Lesson 1 5 : Stars & the Solar System Lesson 1 6 : Pollution of Air and Water

  6. What You Will Learn This course has been designed to give you summary of NCERT of Science of class VII a It will help you understand various concepts such as Microorganisms Conservation of Plants & Animals, Cell Structure Reproduction in animals & Adolescence Synthetic Fibres, Metals & Non-Metals, Chemical Effects of Electric Current Combustion & Flame and also about Coal and Petroleum Basic concepts of Force & Pressure, Sound and Light Crop Production & its management, Natural Phenomenon- Lightning & Earthquake, Environmental Pollution of Air & Water

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