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Overview of the Course(in Hindi)
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A brief overview of the course

Bharat Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bharat Kumar
Written UPSC MAINS 2018 Writing RO/ARO MAINS 2018 Qualified GATE twice Worked with Mahindra and Mahindra YouTube channel "StudyLabs"

Unacademy user
sir 2g of oxygen contains number of atoms equal to that in sir ye question samaj Mai nahi aaya hai
Deepankar Singh
a year ago
you have to find 2g of oxygen has how many moles and also find the number of moles of the elements given in option. match the number of moles of oxygen with the number of moles from option . :) if you still have any doubt do let me know :)
Ashutosh Porwal
a year ago
but in question number of atoms are asked
Deepankar Singh
a year ago
yes 1 mol contains àvogadro's number of atoms. so you find number of moles and multiply it with àvogadro's number. since àvogadro's number is a constant value so you need to find only number of moles
sir CSO aur NSSO bahut raha news mei.. USS par ek video pls