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Overview of the course
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Overview of the course

UPSC CSE 2017 mains, SSC CGL 2012 selected , UPSC EPFO interview 2017(IN THE FINAL RESERVE LIST ),RAS 2017 mains,SSC CPO 2015 selected, B.

Unacademy user
sir bastav me ye boring hai.isme mera time waste hua hai aur kuchh samjh nhi paya hu.aap slow vdo banae thod request
Thank you so much sir, you are amazing ; hope I can perceive all the concepts in the best possible way from you
THANK YOU so much sir.The way you and other educators of unacademy prepare lectures for us is commendable.Sir if possible plz give courses on integrated approach for prelims and mains for other subjects too.It would be really helpful
24 days ago
surbhi very soon i will launch courses for other subj also just like this
sir, will you cover the full geography for prelims and mains? And do we not need any book after doing this course?
Totally appreciable sir Its request from all of us that please complete full course as many of us cant afford coaching and it will be helpfull for us please dont affect the quality of this course .
a month ago
it will not be changed anyway peeyush dont ever worry. it will be completed and will be the perfect and a legendary course
Peeyush Lamba
a month ago
Thank you so much sir we all will be very thankfull to you
Whether NCERT is also covered in these lessons sir??
19 days ago
everyrhing i am taking
  1. Overview Oi the course

  2. Amit Saini UPSC Civil Service Mains 2017 ORajasthan Civil Services Mains 2017 DUPSC EPFO Enforcement Officer 2017 (finally selected; interview panel: ALKA S ROH -madam's) OSsC CGLE 2012 (finally selected) Ossc CPO 2015 (finally selected) unacalemy

  3. Ultimate editiorn Geography By: Amit Saini

  4. Amt Amit Saini VESFED Eat Prof PSC CSE 2017 SC OOL 2012 selected,UPSC EPFO Ieniew 017N THE FINAL RESERVE LIST RAS 2017 mainC CPO 2015 scleted 320.2k 4.9 views 36,537 Ths mt 137491 L Follow AMIT SAINI Educator since August 2017 UPSC CSE 2017 mains, SSC CGL 2012 selected, UPSC EPFO interview 2017(IN THE FINAL RESERVE LIST) RAS 2017 mains,SSC CPO 2015 selected, B. 10000 MCOS FOR PRELIMS 2018 MOST PART II OVERVIE U OF THE Coure AMIT SAINI FAMOU TEST SERIES AMIT 30 9.8k 0 Followers Following Courses TELT Follow Amit Sano en All courses (Hindi) 2018 GS 1 Prelims: Detailed Analysis for UPSC Welcome back search Courses,Topics&Educators New (Hindi) 2018 GS1PrmsDetailed Analysis for UPSC 10 lessons,2 27m Enroll 75 (Hindi) International Organisations and IR MCQs: UPSC CSE 5* (17 ratings)

  5. 0 minutes today unacademy Home Explore Plus Search Courses, Topics &Educators Amit Saini Edit Profile VERIFIED UPSC CSE 2017 mains, SSC CGL 2012 selected, UPSC EPFO interview 2017(IN THE FINAL RESERVE LIST ),RAS 2017 mains,SSC CPO 2015 selected, 45,888 Views in last 30 days N 330,015 Lifetime Views 32 Courses 10.3k Followers Following Amit Saini GS 2019 MCOS Series l 360 analysis ol current issues ior Mains 2018 &2019 MOST DETAILED ANALYSIS OF GS PAPER 1 2018 Perfect GS for 2019 through in detail explained MCQs EARNING FOR 2019 JUNE 2ND By Amit Saini By Amit Saini By Amit Saini


  7. Earth & Universe Big bang and theories Solar System Planets Stars Earth's Geological Chronology Globe Maps Circles IDL Earth's Magnetism

  8. Physical geography Geomorphology Continents & topography . Weathering Erosion Endogenic forces Water bodies Reliefs Basic concepts

  9. Rocks & cycles Earth & Interiors Earthquake & Vulcanism Questioning in Prelims & Mains

  10. Climatology . Atmosphere Weather and Climate Air Masses Clouds Cyclones & Anticyclones Pressure belts & systems World climatic classification

  11. Economic geography . Industries . Trades Minerals Industrial regions Crude oil, coal, natural gas issues Acts laws and mining issues Agriculture Crops . Transportation

  12. .Soils Forest types Pollution Climate change Current issues ( India & World) . Forest issues Tribes

  13. Indian geography All Issues

  14. World geography Physical features Famous economic regions Specific topography Mountain ranges Water bodies Lakes, rivers, settlements . countries

  15. Geopolitics . Mains . Prelims facts Countries and IR topics International trade