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Aghanistan Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement can be used as a diplomatic and economic tool to ease the prevailing tension and instability in relations of the trio. Under APTTA, Afghani goods are provided one way access to Wagah border via Pakistan and in return Pakistan demands an access to central Asia via Afghanistan. Pakistan insists that the empty trucks from Wagah cannot take back goods from India which has affected the whole agreement in many dimensions. APTTA has a very major significance economically if all three nations contribute and flourish trade amongst one another while fighting the Chinese domination together. However, restrictions posed by Pakistan on APTTA has further deteriorated the Indo-Pak relations and has also sored the Pak-Afghan relationship as India and Afghanistan both want to increase bilateral trade. >India is presently focusing on Chabahar port as a medium to increase bilateral trade as talks with Pak will hardly be succesful.
very well explained..thanks