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Overview of the Course
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Some important concepts of English grammar are covered in my lecture which will prevent students from making mistakes. Tenses are also discussed in a different way.Activities enlisted in my course will make English learning fun.

Barkha Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Barkha Agrawal
#Educator & category expert at Unacademy# I am a freelance and an international educator and have been into online teaching for 4+ years.I

Unacademy user
I do not Speak English but I want to try speak English very nice mam you are very nice teacher
Mam you teaches like friend. you are too cute, I love u mam.
Zeeshan Anwer
a month ago
I love her tooo
Zeeshan Anwer
a month ago
I love her tooo
Q.) Mr. Sharma became _________Chancellor of a university in 1965.. What would be the appropriate article in above case.. Plz reply
Barkha mam आप इतना अच्छा पढ़ाते है। मेरे पुरे तहे दिल से आपको धन्यवाद।
mam you teaches awsome
Amaninder Singh
a year ago
Amaninder Singh
a year ago

  2. ABOUT ME NAME: BARKHA AGRAWAL . BSC in STATISTICS .Follow me on unacademy. Please rate, share and review

  3. Target studentS SSC (staff selection commission) Bank exams . Upsc CAT, MAT etc

  4. Contents Basic forms of verb >Different 1 st 1st person 2nd person 2"d person -3rd person

  5. Basic concepts of English grammar Important rules Tricks

  6. >Tense Present tense Past tense Future tense

  7. further sub division of tense Indefinite Perfect Continuous Perfect continuou

  8. >Miscellaneous (finding >Miscellaneous (finding errorS