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Overview Of The Course: Understanding The Indian Constitution: Part VI
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This lesson gives a quick overview about the course, Understanding the Indian Constitution- Part VI, which comprises provisions for the state under Indian union. Mr. Rangarajan talks about the students for whom all it would be beneficial along with what they would gain after watching this course. He also talks about the topics he would be discussing in the upcoming lessons.

Rangarajan Ramakrishnan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Rangarajan Ramakrishnan
IAS 2005 batch (AIR 46), Chartered Accountant and Cost accountant, Teaching Polity at Officers IAS Academy at Chennai.

Unacademy user
Sir please upload these videos on Hindi course.
hello sir,what is corresponding province/corresponding infian state?
I think at the teaching platform like this ,It needs an effective teacher who can deliver the lessons eeffectively even to an aspirant starting from a scratch.I think this platform doesn't need highly successful individuals but highly effective teachers who can deliver very complex concepts with ease.
Rangarajan Sir, request you to make courses on Union, FRs, and DPSP, Parliament etc.
It's a great honor to hear to so many IAS officers themselves teaching at unacademy!!! I just hope every effort of unacademy turns towards nation building and help in making our missile man(APJ Sir) dream come true:):):):)
its so messed up..unacedemy's videos have become very hard to access and are very badly arranged in youtube playlist and in this website..make it simple plz..
  1. Course: Understanding the Indian Constitution-Part VI Lesson: Overview of the course Presented by Rangarajan R

  2. About me Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant by profession 46th rank, IAS of 2005 batch Started career with PricewaterhouseCoopers and joined ICICI Bank Associate Director at Officers IAS academy, Chennai Have my own Financial consulting firm Course Fees: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy at: 0

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  4. Target audience Anybody who is aspiring to write UPSC CSE Helpful for students of B. A and M. A in Universities, studying Political Science and Public Administration Any person who is interested in learning how Indian democracy works

  5. Overview Governor- Appointment, Terms of office, Qualification, Oath etc. Governor- Powers (including power of pardon) Governor- Discretionary powers, president control over Governor Council of Ministers, Relation between Governor & Council of Ministers in State The State Legislature - Unicameral and Bicameral legislatures, Composition & Duration 0

  6. Continued Qualification & Disqualification of members Officers of State Legislature, Conduct of business Officers of State Legislatures & its members Privileges of State Legislatures & its members Legislative procedure: procedure for passing bills, procedure in states with Bicameral legislature

  7. Continued Money bills, Annual Financial Statement & Financial bills Comparison between Parliament and State legislature for Money bills & Other bills Governor's power of Veto, Comparison between President and Governor's power with respect to bills Ordinance making powers of Governor & Comparison with President 0 State Judiciary - High Courts & Subordinate courts