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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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Overview of the course

Aprajita Shankhdhar
Loves teaching and tries to simplify teaching learning process as much as possible by my side NEET \ AIIMS \ CTET.

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Food for thought: Assume for a moment that Right to Vote is merely a legal right i.e. it has been bestowed upon the dispassionate citizens of this democratic republic (India) by the State and not the Constitution (as contended by some). We also know that it is pointless to address a country as a democratic country (unless we have direct democracy) if there are no elections (refer NCERT Class XI). So, since Right to vote has been bestowed by the state, it is very well the State's prerogative to deprive us of that right. So, if say , the State deprives everyone of the right to vote, there'll be no elections possible. In that case, we cease to be a democracy. We know that this cannot be the case as this amounts to unconstitutionality. Therefore, whether or not Right to Vote has been mentioned in Art 326 explicitly, it has to be a Constitutionally guarded. So what I deduce is that it cannot be a MERE LEGAL RIGHT. Rest the SC has inferred in its 2015 judgment that it is a constitutional right..!!
Thank you very much Di for wonderful questions... .
Thanks....keep learning
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