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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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The lesson talks about this particular capsule course and how Physical Chemistry of Class 12th will be completed.

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎 Subscribe to my Telegram channel- @physics_tcarmy for instant updates.

Unacademy user
Hi!am new here on the app but I watched your videos on YouTube.i have a problem to ask please help me with it.consider orthorhombic unit cell of cell.consider a=450pm,b=650pm,c=400pm,the parallel distance between the (110) plane is?
Noorul Huda
7 months ago
There is direct formula for this, it's given by 1/d²=h²/a² + k²/b² + l²/c²
Noorul Huda
7 months ago
There is direct formula for this, it's given by 1/d²=h²/a² + k²/b² + l²/c²
Noorul Huda
7 months ago
Use this to find out d, it's direct question
Jasmine Rankawat
7 months ago
Ya I know the formula but when I solved it I wasn't able to come to an answer the answer given is 370.37.
Noorul Huda
7 months ago
OK i'll try to solve
thank u mam from bottom of heart
ma'am thanku apko ni thanks hme bolna chahiye... bcoz apne hmare liye itna kuch kr rhi hai... apke lectures bht hi helpfull rhte hai hm sbke k liye... so i wanna thanks to you from bottomm of my heart.... thankyou so much ma'am....
how to download pdf plz anybody tell
  1. Quick Revision Capsule of Physical Chemistry- Class 12th By- Tamanna Chaudhary

  2. HIGH TIME TO STUDY SMARTLY 1. 3 weeks are left before NEET exam. 2. Time to focus on entire syllabus than particular chapters 3. Most important time to revise whatever you've studied and learnt this whole time. 4. No. of times of revisions directly proportional to retaining the information. 5. ALL OF THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE IN MINIMUM AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE WITH MAXIMUM OUTPUT

  3. WHAT ARE CAPSULE COURSES? 1. To the point, short courses for quick but detailed revision (Unit wise) 2. NCERT based; Every topic, diagram and table will be covered in a connected way 14 3. For Biology, they will work like NCERT syrup. 4. For Physics, they will focus on important formulas and quick revision of concepts 5. For Chemistry, they'll focus on mechanisms, formulas, important examples, tables, orders and properties.

  4. WHO SHOULD FOLLOW CAPSULE COURSES? 1. Students who've completed the syllabus- For quick brush up 2. Students who've read everything but don't remember most of it. 3. Students who've not completed the syllabus yet 4. Students who haven't started yet 7

  5. Chapters included 1. Solid State 2. Solutions 3. Electrochemistry 4. Chemical Kinetics 5. Surface Chemistry