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Overview of the course (in Hindi)
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Overview of the course

Aprajita Shankhdhar
Loves teaching and tries to simplify teaching learning process as much as possible by my side NEET \ AIIMS \ CTET.

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  1. Parathyroid Thyroid HEMICAL COORDINATION AND nal Glands Aure INTEGRATIO Pancreas

  2. / E Chemical Coordination and Integration 81.5k views 4.9 15 16 Aprajita Shankhdhar #20 Educator in Pre-Medical (NEET and AIIMS) Biology I NEETI CTET 9.5k 3 43 Followers Following Courses

  3. Endocrine Glands and Hormones Human Endocrine System We will Hormones of Heart, Kidney and Gastrointestinal Tract Mechanism of Hormone Action

  4. . The neural system provides a point-to-point rapid coordination among organs. . The neural coordination is fast but short-lived. . As the nerve fibres do not innervate all cells of the body and the cellular functions need to be continuously coordination and integration has to be provided. This function is carried out by hormones. regulated; a special kind of . The neural system and the endocrine system jointly coordinate and regulate the physiological functions in the body.

  5. Comparison is the thief of joy Theodore Roosevelt