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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I've explained each and every aspect of this course such as course outline, target audience, why you should watch these lessons.

Abhishek Kumar
I'm a Civil Engineering Graduate, Enthusiastic Learner, Passionate teacher. Do share your knowledge too using this platform.

Unacademy user
I am an engineer working in power plant with just 2 month work exp.(in my training period) Acads r okayish type (90/90/80) GeM Interested in college like SP Jain. ANd since,. We have to fill sp jain form before cat,mentioning my stream which correaltes my work exp.I have to choose ops mgt. Given dat i m from power plant background, will i get call from SP JAIN (based on profyl based shorlisting) with so less work ex or do i need to do certified online courses like 6 sigma certification and PMP for profyl building so as to get shortlisted for calls?
Sakshi Abrol
a year ago
You're acads are good. With these acads you can easily make your way into IIMs too ( if you wish to and if the percentile is good). As far as SP Jain is concerned, they do prefer work ex so I don't think certifications will compensate the lack of experience. But don't just go by my word. Ask a SP Jain grad.
Sakshi Abrol
a year ago
The whole video was great.....but sir please give more information about the ' Trusteeship Council' and why there are demands to abolish this organ of the UN?
thanks sir you are doing great work
  1. United Nation Organisation

  2. Overview Lesson

  3. Heleo! J' m Abliskeh Foelow me @ user/crazyatom Civil engineering Graduate Learning Teaching Travelling

  4. Outline UNO evolution and its significance Comprehensive Coverage of UNO and its Organs Reports & Indices by UNO and its agency Current happenings

  5. Target Audience You !

  6. Abhishek Kumar HELLS ELL 16,922 Rate, Review and Recommend!!! Share as much as you can !! Follow me @ Unacademy! Ask your doubt