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Overview of the course ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed overview of the course.

Anirudh Walia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anirudh Walia
Chemistry Educator || Famous for Inorganic Tricks

Unacademy user
sir apka pdane ka trika bahut hi acha h.aur m apse ye chahta hu ki aap coordinate compounds pr course bnaya jee main and advance k liya jisme puri theory detail me uski weightage bhut jyada h
Anirudh Walia
a year ago
sure dear m sab chapters padha dunga
a year ago
Reaction Mechanism of organic please
sir akk batao ki mai aap kay notes padu yaar ncert ....... kyuki sir merey pass time ki kam hai .......... jee kay liye...... because i have practise question also
Anirudh Walia
a year ago
meri videos se bhi kaam ban jayega. Sab videos dekh daalo
AMAN shakya
a year ago
thank you sir .....
Sir class 12 boards k liye bhi kch video bna do
thanks sir isi tarah se reaction mechanism ka bana dijiye. plz
Anirudh Walia
a year ago
Sure dear m sab padha dunga. Keep studying and sharing videos with your friends
Nazar hassan
a year ago
OK sir
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