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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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The lesson covers overview of the course.

Neharika Jayani
Sr. Lecturer & Online Educator-Maths & English, Teaches for Govt. Exams,NMTC,RMO,IMO,NTSE,NSEJS,KVPY-Former Allen faculty(Maths), B.Tech ECE

Unacademy user
Sir why did u explain everything in Hindi medium? What should the english medium people do? Sir atleast you should have added the significant terms in English.
Sharad gupta
2 months ago
yes, plzz watch one educator explained in eng. terms except me:-(
Sharad gupta
2 months ago
i explained most of the terms hindi as well as eng. also
Shreya Agrawal
2 months ago
Yeah...thats why i m getting help through ur videos but I m facing difficulty as I hv pursued B.Ed. in English medium. ..and in ur 1000+ series...terms are in Hindi..!!!
Sharad gupta
2 months ago
hmm, but what can i do? most of the aspirants background is Hindi that's the reson behind making hindi courses