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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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Kanishk Agrawal
Software Engineer || Passionate Teacher || IIITian || All queries ll be answered

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ma'am what is the name of which has cloacal respiratory treea
Swasti Nagar
a year ago
Echinodermata like sea cucumber
super duper video for jee
states of matter
Kanishk Agrawal
2 years ago
It's already live. Hindi: English:
  1. Learn In Depth Concepts of Chemical Bonding for JEE MAIN & ADVANCED Overview of the Course Presented by: Kanishk Agrawal

  2. ABOUT ME Education Enthusiast Integrated B.Tech + M.Tech (IT) [2013-18] from IIT Gwalior Excelled JEE MAIN, JEE Advanced 2013 & GATE 2017 /Follow me on Unacademy at

  3. OBJECTIVE Target: JEE Main & Advanced - To provide a depth analysis chemical bonding Solve and understand all the relevant question type for JEE Provide an insight to lITJEE pattern and trend

  4. TARGET AUDIENCE This course is especially designed for students appearing for JEE MAIN & ADVANCED It will help the students aspiring for lIT,IIT & NIT!

  5. OVERVIEW 1. Introduction to Bonding and it's types 2. 3. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory (VSEPR Theory) 4. Predicting Structures based on VSEPR Theory 5. Valence Bond Theory: Introduction to Hybridisation

  6. OVERVIEW 6. Bent's Rule 7. Bent's Rule- 8. Bent's Rule Il 9. Back Bonding 10.Bridge Bonding

  7. OVERVIEW 11.Silicates 12.Bonding in odd electron species & Drago's Rule 13.Factors affecting Bond Angle 14.Some very important Structures 15.Some very important Structures- II

  8. OVERVIEW 16.Molecular Orbital Theory 17.Molecular Orbital Theory - ll 18.Fajan's Rule 19.Solubility of lonic Compounds

  9. OVERVIEW 20.Thermal Stability 21.Vanderwall's forces 22. Hydrogen Bonding 23. JEE Trend & Analysis