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Overview of the course: Emergency Provisions of the Indian Constitution
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Dr. Sidharth Arora has brought this amazing course which talks about the Emergency Provisions in Indian Constitution. This lesson basically talks about why someone should watch this course, what would someone learn after watching this course and who all must watch this course. Thereby educator also elaborates on the various topics he would be discussing​ in the upcoming lessons.

Dr Sidharth Arora
Pursued M.B.B.S. and L.L.B. Advocate in Supreme Court. Has been teaching UPSC Aspirants and Law students from last 10 years.

Unacademy user
Hi, may I know when are you planning to post videos on remaining topics like limits of sequences, series of functions such as power series, convergence, and so on
Upendra Yadav
a month ago
I have no idea ki es course mai kab next video upload karunga, kyoki abhi mai Real analysis ke kuch Important topic ka particular courses bna rha hu....for ex: Countability and Uncountability, Sequences and series etc.
continue this series please sir......
still not working . few days left for prelims. people like me are completely depend on unacademy kindly rectify
Something happened to the quality of the videos.. declined as compared to previous viewed videos..
Sahith Reddy
3 years ago
playing quality..not the teaching quality.. best teachers

  2. ABOUT ME MBBS,PGDFM,LLB Advocate in the Supreme Court Authored Book on Human Genetics Involved in teaching UPSC aspirants and law students in various institutes for the last 10 years Course fees: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. OBJECTIVE Is of Emergency p To apprecia To appreciate the use ar te the use and misuse of Articles dealing with emergency. To interpret historical and recent events in To interpret historical and recent events in accordance with the legal provisions in the constitution

  4. TARGET AUDIENCE This course will be very helpful to UPSC aspirants in tackling both Prelims and Mains examination pertaining to this topic. This will also help law students in appreciating and understanding finer details of the constitution with regards to emergency as mentioned in Part XVIII

  5. CONTRIBUTE If this course has been helpful to you in any way, please pay a voluntary fees by clicking on 'Contribute. It will really motivate me to come up with better and more engaging courses!

  6. OVERVIEW Emergency:Types and relevant Articles Procedures in invoking, continuing and revoking these emergencies. The role of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary in case of emergency The significance of Historical and Recent events along with misuse of emergency provisions.