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Overview of the Ancient India Course (in Hindi)
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Let's see how much knowledge we'll be gaining from this course?

Ajay Meena
Learning the art to win hearts :)

Unacademy user
make course on economics books by mishra puri or uma kapila
Ajay Meena
6 months ago
Sure :)
Harsh Pandya
6 months ago
Sir, plz help me for optional history for UPSC exam, plz reply me

  2. ABOUT ME I am Ajay Meena Powerlifter by Passion and Educator by Profession. . Graduated from Delhi University Hobbies- Watching Patriotic and motivational videos Public Servant without Uniform RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND Follow me:

  3. COURSE OBJECTIVE e To filter out all the important key points which is important. To reduce the load of reading more and more books. To reduce the burden of making notes . To create interest in Ancient India

  4. INDEX CHAPTER 14: The Age of the Mauryas CHAPTER 15: Significance of the Maurya Rule CHAPTER 16: Central Asian Contacts and Their Results CHAPTER 17: The Age of the Satavahanas CHAPTER 18: The Dawn of History in the Deep South CHAPTER 19: Crafts, Trade and Towns in the Post- Maurya Age CHAPTER 20: The Rise and Growth of the Gupta Empire

  5. INDEX .CHAPTER 21: Life in the Gupta Age CHAPTER 22: Spread of Civilization in Eastern India CHAPTER 23: Harsha and His times . CHAPTER 24: Formation of New States and Rural Expansion in the Peninsula CHAPTER 25: Developments in Philosophy . CHAPTER 26: India's Cultural Contacts with the Asian Countries CHAPTER 27: Transformation of the Ancient Phase

  6. INDEX . CHAPTER 28: Sequence of Social Changes CHAPTER 29: Legacy in Science and Civilization