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Overview of Indian Polity, Historical Back Ground till 1857
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In this lesson we shall deal with Overview of the Constitution, History, Historical background of the laws that laid foundation to the Constitution during the Company Rule.

Sai Samir Badeti
M.S in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, B.E in Civil Engineering from Vasavi College of Engineering.

Unacademy user
Consider the following with regard to Constituent Assembly of India 1)It was constituted under the scheme formulated by the Cabinet Mission Plan 2)The Assembly included all important personalities of India at that time, with the exception of M A Jinnaha 3)members were directly elected by the people of India I m confused with this question. Sir will you please tell me solution?
Sai Samir Badeti
2 years ago
1 option is right, 2nd option is wrong as Mahatma Gandhi was also not there and option 3 is wrong as people were not directly elected. The Constituent Assembly was to be a partly elected and partly nominated body. Moreover, the members were to be indirectly elected by the members of the provincial assemblies, who themselves were elected on a limited franchise.
sir please write in middle font
disappointed! you are merely stayting the facts while leaving the 'why' aspect of the acts.
sorry to ask but was the battle of buxur happened in the year1767? I learned it as 1764.
3 years ago
U dont have to sorry
Sai Samir Badeti
2 years ago
Yes, Battle of Buxar is 1764. Apologies.
it's very good more than help for me thnq sir
  1. Overview of Indian Polity Sai Samir Badeti

  2. About Me o M.5 from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh BE from Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad o Part time teacher at Denar Blind SchooL o Hobbies football, reading, cooking.

  3. Year wise break up of Polity questions in Prelims 20 ulln 15 10 5 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

  4. Agenda - Historical Background - History, Laws that laid. foundation to the constitution till 1857

  5. Historical Background o 1600: East India Company o 160g : Trading Factory in surab Madras, Bombay and Calcutta were established as trade centres o 1757 : Battle of Plassy 1767 Battle of Buxar ( Diwani Rights) o Subsidiary Alliances o 1848 Punjab o 1867 Sepoy Mutiny

  6. Legal History o The Company Rule: The Crown Rule:

  7. The East India Company Rule 1. Regulating Act 1773 2. Pitts India Act 1784 3. Charter Act 1833 4. Charter Act 1853

  8. Regulating Act of 1773 o Regulate affairs of EIC Central Administration o Governor General of Bengal : Lord Warren Hasting o Governor General of Bengal Lord Warren Hasting Supreme Court of calcutta o Court of Directors

  9. Pitts India Act of 1784 o Board of Control Political Affairs , Double Govt significant for-British Possessions in India, British Govt given supreme control

  10. Charter Act 1833 o Governor General of India Lord William Bentick EIC Purely administrative body Attempted open competition for civil services.