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Overview Of Dividend (in Hindi)
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Dividend Policy

Sarika Rani
ugc net qualified in management & commerce with 3years of teaching.

Unacademy user
Mona Choudhary
6 months ago
good... keep it up.. lesson pasand aaya toh course ko rate aur review kijiye🙏😊
First I was having some douts in this chapter . But after watching this Vedio my douts are clear... Each and everything is clear to mee... Thank you so much mam..
Sarika Rani
10 months ago
  1. http:/ unacademy com/user/ Sarika ran

  2. Financial Managem ent Dividend policy For NTA UGC NET for commerce and management

  3. CONTENT Meaning of Dividend Dividend policy & its importance Types of Dividend policy . Dividend theories

  4. What is Dividend Dividend is that part of profits that is distribute among Various shareholders As their investment reward

  5. Profit- Dividend -Retain ed earnings

  6. Meaning of Dividend Policy To take decision how much distribute profit as dividend and how much retain irn company for further use.

  7. If company pay more dividend then it lead t o earn goodwill and In crease market price of shares

  8. Adequate dividend policy is that maintain balan ce between liquidity,cost of capital,value of shar e,retained earnings,investment opportunities.