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Overview of Course Polynomials of Class 10 (in Hindi)
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Overview : Polynominals of Class 10th with short Explanations of Topics

Nikhil Patidar
Graduate from Delhi University. Presently Pursuing CA and CS. I have 6 years Teaching Experience. Hobbies are Teaching and Computing

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thanking so much ur VDS are amazing plzz upload more VDS on Hindi grammer
Vineet Yadav
a year ago
Wait for some time actually present time created general science pls watch my general science course
Nitin verma
a year ago
k sir thanks
class 10 all'chapter explain maths please, sir
Nikhil Patidar
4 months ago
Sure 👍
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  2. Hello Everyone! I am Graduate in from Delhi University Presently Pursuing CA and CS I have 6 years Teaching experience Follow me NIKHIL PATEL FACULTY About me

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  6. Thank you...!!!