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Overview of Course (in Hindi)
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I have given an overview on the importance of antonyms in exams and day to day life.

Murari Prasad
TET expert | Youtube channel - Gyan Sanchay | Get knowledge on KVS, CTET, TET etc.

Unacademy user
It's significance of 9th Nov 2016, not historical significance of 9th Nov. Previous presidential election of US is better title. Historical importance of today 1. Junagadh involved in India 2. Britain restrict death sentence 3. Uttarakhand organised 4. Cambodia get freedom from France 5. Former president KR Narayanan died today 6. Abraham Lincoln re elected POTUS 7. Super typhoon Haiyan 8. Vietnam war
Kant Mani Singh
2 years ago
it's historical in the sense that nobody out side USA thought ( including you too) that leader like Trump is going to lead most powerful country, but you know well alright... rest is history that's why it's historical so has historical significance, may be bad for someone but certainly good for many... thanks for your 'other facts'...