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Overview of Course (in Hindi)
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A brief of what will be done in this course.

Indresh Pratap SINGH
I have done MBA and teaching since last 2 years! I work on 3 things-: 1)Building Interest, 2)Concreting knowledge base, 3)Concept wise focus

Unacademy user
But I can share it
Alderfers theory lesson is not opening sir.... And not even to download also
Ok Shalini don't worry we will solve this problem soon! It might due to some technical issues.
psychology me bhi padna padta hay
Yes, of course motivation waha bhi hota hai... Aur bhi topics hote hai! Hope aapne concept corelate kr k padha hoga and samjh aaya hoga... Apko koi question ho then you are free to ask!
OK sir quarries hogi to jarur puchungi
  1. Theories of Motivation Concept of motivation Motives, Motivating, Motivation Nature of Motivation Organisational Types of needs Model of Motivation and Behaviour Theories of Motivation Maslow's Need Hierarchy Two Factor Theory/Hygiene O ERG Model Behaviour McCelland's Need theory Vroom's Expectancy Theory Theory X & Theory Y O Carrot and Stick Approach of motivation Equity Theory Contingency Approach of motivation