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Overview of Bhagavad Gita and Self Management (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I have introduced new course,objective,my approach target audience etc.

Nirvesh Raghav
A Defence Aspirant , interested in Spirituality, Psychology ,Philosophy

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Your course ranked no.1 for controlling temptation or wrong desire.
Nirvesh Raghav
a year ago
thanks .....Ayush Saurabh

  2. ABOUT ME NIRVESH RAGHAV . A defence aspirant . Pursuing graduation from CCSU Meerut e Qualified NDA written examination e Faced SSB Interviews COURSE FEE: CONTRIBUTE RATE, REVIEW,RECOMMEND Follow me on Unacademy .

  3. INTRODUCTION 1.The most beloved scripture of India 2.First psychological counselling book in history of mankind 2.This is not mythology it is true but not in its literal sense 3.All the characters are personification of human mental tendencies. 4.It teaches us to align our activities at all levels with dharma

  4. DISCLAIMER I am explaining this scripture according to my understanding and experience.In no way I claim to be the final authority and absolutely right.My word is not the final truth. . I don't intend to hurt an zation,religion,scripture.

  5. OBJECTIVES 1.Learning how to remain calmly active and actively calm 2.Understanding our own mind its nature,its potential and how to master it 3.overcoming moods and increasing our stability 4Learning the art fndfinally winning it Contd

  6. OBJECTIVES 5.Understanding the psychological war and all about the enemies within ourselves 6.Knowing our own soldiers of good habits and how to strengthen them 7,connecting the sources of all powers within ourselves 8.Tools and techniques

  7. TARGET AUDIENCE *Anyone who feels it hard to stay balanced calm and composed *One who needs help to understand his own mind *Students seeking some tools for increasing their mental faculties

  8. WHAT IS EXPECTED FROM YOU ATTENTIVE AND UNBIASED LISTENING IS REQUIRED. You should accept and apply these teachings in your life if and only if you find them logical,practical and worth doing. This course will help you only and only if you apply them in your practical life. .

  9. OUR APPROACH There are 700 verses in this great scripture. We will take some verses from every chapter and there will be one full lesson on each verse or topic as needed. Lessons would be named according to their content, purpose or importance As this is a very profound scripture so I will take a few lessons on spiritual allegory. But just after this overview lesson I will take one lesson on self mastery for a little taste. . .

  10. Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything George Bernard Shaw