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Overview Lesson
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This is an overview lesson on Permeability of Soils in detail with content of course and target audience.

Sharayu Pujari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sharayu Pujari
Mtech (Environmental Science and Technology) BE (Civil Engineering) Major interest in Rural Development and Watershed Management

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mam your courses are very useful for me upload other subjects also. thanks
will the adsorped water of diffuse layer decrease the permeability? if so, then why?
  1. Permeability of Soils

  2. Quick Revision on Soil Mechanics Courses. Previous Courses related to soil mechanics subject and Cla ew-l on/BFS5M ils ro oil view-l on/J3W1UV4G ps:// GY Practice Ouestions Part 1 view-lesson/GLO62EKP ice-questions-part-2-soil-mechanics- r-gate-civil/WS . Soil Classification son/6A746Z7D

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  5. 1 Overview Lesson Let's start with the introduction to this topic

  6. Objectives Topic wise analysis To clear basic concepts and understand each point in detail. Also providing knowledge of previous question papers.

  7. Content of Permeability of Soils Course Hydraulic Head O Darcy's Law O Assumption's of Darcy's Law Factors Affecting Permeability Determination of Coefficient of Permeability by Various Tests 1. Constant Head test 2. Variable Head test 3. Capillarity permeability test 4. Consolidation test 5. Pumping out test 6. Pumping in test. Solved Examples from PYQs

  8. Target Audience O All Civil Engineering O GATE/IES Aspirants Students


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