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Overview lesson
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In this lesson, learners will be updated on how this course will benefit you for your Mains examination 2019.

Yasmin Gill
Discount Code-"yashi.gill01"/Qualified for UPSC mains/Rank 24th in Punjab PCS

Unacademy user
hiiiiiii mam is this course is sufficient for cse pre ? or need some supplementary too
Bhimu Thate
9 months ago
and for psc too ? should i to go through ncert too or its sufficient
Shradha Gangwar
9 months ago
no, this course is not sufficient for psc and cse. it is specially designed for ssc
Bhimu Thate
9 months ago
ok , thank you mam .
Bhimu Thate
9 months ago
mam plz make course for csat too,if time permitted you
Shradha Gangwar
9 months ago
Thank you for your feedback. I'll try to prepare one.
Bhimu Thate
9 months ago
thanks a lot mam
Thnx mam. Mam i know you stop making daily mcq because of your heptic schedule but atleast please provide top 50 mcq of every month which is acc to you very imp.
Tarun Bhatia
10 months ago
thnkeeww ma'am for making this was eagerly waiting for this.
pl recommend some study material for ppsc
Thanks for creating a awesome cose
  1. Overview Lesson By- Yasmin Gill

  2. About me Yasmin Gill BE (EEE) from UIET, PU 2014 Qualified for UPSC Mains State Rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015

  3. Have been teaching since April 2016 . Other courses on Unacademy- Daily MCQ's Summary of Yojana magazine Ancient History Crash Course Summary of Our Pasts-I, ll, and Themes in Indian History-l, ll, 111 Plus Course on Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude All above courses are in English as well as in Hindi . You can follow me on Unacademy-

  4. Knowing the current course Analyzing important topics for Mains-2019 . Will help you in forming structured answers for your Mains Examination Topics analyzed in Q-A format

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  7. How to Rate, Review and Recommend? Unacademy-India's larg httpa:// unacademY November 2016: Online Summary & Analysis of PIB (Press Information Bureau) in 1O minutes PIB Novembel Searching for "PIB November" 81T ratings -136 reviews COURSES MORE COURSES> Enroll 2.4k November 2016: PIB Summary in Hindi in <1O minutes for UPSC CSE OverviewLessoNsReviews A November: Daily Current Affairs McQs from PIB for Government Exams (UPSC CSE/IAS Exam) TARGETED FOR UPSC CSE aspirants November 2016: Online Summary & Analysis of PIB (Press Information Bureau) in 10 minutes By Yata min GB11 OBJECTIVE The PIB (Press Information Bureau), is an ageney operated in New Dehli by Government of India. Every day the government plans. policles. programme initiatives and achievements are broadcasted through PIB. The PIB is also the Government's nodal agency to help private m edia and hence, keeping a track of PIB is really important for mony aspirants who are preparing November 2016: Daily Current Affairs Mcos from PIB for Government Exams in Hindi (UPSC CSE

  8. How to Rate, Review and Recommend? 14:23 unacademyY Overview Lessons Reviews Q& A REVIEWS 4.9 811 ratings-136 reviews Add Review Write your review here Write a review Share on Facebook Done Roman Saini reviewed On Novemtber 11-2016 lt is virt ually impossible to go through th 0ntire PIB on a dally basis. But if anyone watches this 10 minute lesson,he she need not do that. Great help to all the aspirants