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Overview lesson
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The lesson is about the course overview.

Monika in Industrial biotechnology, in biotechnology. Qualified GATE - Biotechnology, CSIR NET Aspirant

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  1. Cell :The Basic Unit of Life Course Overview By Monika Janghu

  2. Target Audience Class XI - Biology Students Anyone who wants to study basics of cell biology

  3. Topics Syllabus I. Cell 2. Structure of Cell 3. Plant cell and Animal cell 4. Cell Organelles Structure and Function 5. Types of Cells : Prokaryotic cell and Eukaryotic cell 6. Cytoskeleton 7. Extracellular Matrix

  4. Cell :The Basic Unit Lesson -l Discovery of cell . Cell Theory

  5. Microscopy Lesson 2 . Microscopy Types of Microscopy

  6. Structure of Cell Lesson- 3 I. Structural Similarities in Cells 2. Different types of cells . Prokaryotic cells . Eukaryotic cells

  7. Plant cell and Animal cell Lesson-4 Plant cell and Animal cell . Differences - Similarities

  8. Cell Boundary Lesson 5 . Cell Wall . Cell Membrane

  9. Cell Organelles : Structure and Function Lesson 6 Nucleus and its Components Basics of hereditary information (DNA and RNA)

  10. Cell Organelles : Structure and Function Lesson-7 . Endoplasmic Reticulum Golgi bodies Ribosor . Mitochondria

  11. Cytoskeleton and Extracellular Matrix Lesson 9 . Components, Parts and Functions

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